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Artist Statement

Nina Benedetto 

"Allegorical Realism" - acrylic paintings on canvas

The multi-layered imagery of my work is prompted by an intuitive response to world events and cultures, nature and Jungian psychology, and the conventions of visual and verbal language.

The title of each work provides a literal or metaphorical frame of reference into the visual riddles of mixed metaphors, puns, illusions, allusions, and symbolic thought.  I call this synthesis "allegorical realism."

While allegories represent meaning symbolically, realism regards things in their "true" nature. "Allegorical realism" is a paradoxical entry into the liminal realm where the symbolic, the metaphoric, and the real inform each other. 

PORTFOLIO TOUR:  Because these works contain personal and confounding imagery and references, I have been asked to share "the stories behind the paintings."  Yet putting something visual into words changes the medium and explanation can interfere with a viewer's intuitive response to the work.

So, it is with this caveat that I have agreed to share my reasons for including specific images in my work.




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