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Painter Nina Benedetto comes to her easel with fresh perspectives, perhaps in part because she is BOTH a first- generation Czech-Mexican-American (her mother's family), and a second-generation Italian-Irish-American (her father's).   From this rich heritage, it is clear that she has developed a "pan-cultural" appreciation of imagery which is fully embodied in the nature of her work, and further enriched by travel experiences and her own children's marriages into Hindu and Buddhist families.

But there is also an additional layer of sensibility:  it may be not be surprising to those who hear her gentle accent to learn that Nina grew up in the special setting of the Old South, where she was the middle child of nine.

Nina loves to paint, and loves paint- to the point of being tempted to try to "taste" those colors, as if they were icing on a cake!   And it's no wonder:  she smears textures like peanut butter or dense fudge in layers, but "seasons" her creations with "spicy" colors which excite her palette, and uses repetitive and rhythmic patterns which "stir the pot" of consciousness in unpredictable ways.

She has had many opportunities to teach art appreciation and art skills to individuals and classes at every level, to students of all ages- from toddlers to undergraduates, and  senior citizens-  not only in New England, but also in the Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, and California.

On most days, Nina can be found painting in her home studio on the South Shore of Southeastern Massachusetts.




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