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A Checkered Past

A Checkered Past-2
"A CHECKERED PAST" 32"x22" by Nina Benedetto © 2010


"A Checkered Past" is a painting that synthesizes multicultural, iconographic, and "documentary" or "news" images in order to raise consciousness on a wide spectrum of social issues.  

We read from left to right the depiction of a cropped board game where celebration and devastation, hope as well as despair, all exist simultaneously within literal frames of reference from our collective past-- recently remembered.

And then-in a gesture of peace, from right to left, the Kent State student's hand places a daisy into the rifle barrel of the unseen National Guard soldier, against a background of the Columbine flower evoking a later tragedy involving violence in another school's setting.  

As we re-live these moments, it is as if we become "prophets in hindsight"-while the title invites us to consider the dichotomy that exists within the reality of a world yearning for, and in pursuit of peace amidst our propensity for violence.
Benedetto hopes to awaken something deep and profound in the viewer…. Perhaps one's own prophetic voice, with a call to live life more fully.




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