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Bringing Water to the Desert

Bringing Water to the Desert-3
"BRINGING WATER TO THE DESERT" 48" X 40" by Nina Benedetto © 2010


This piece refers to the myth of the Odyssey, where Poseidon, God of the Sea, orders Odysseus to go so far from the water that no one there knows the purpose of an oar. 
The hinges at the mid-line of the painting’s cross-section suggest that the viewer is seeing into an opened box.

The analogy here is that of bringing something alive to a place that knows only death.
I pair icons of life and death- the noose with the Egyptian Ankh, the baby rattle with the rattlesnake, the Death card, with the embryo.  

The camel can hold water (life), while the coyote is said to be “God’s dog.”   The crow of Aesop’s fable must get water from a vessel with a neck too narrow for its beak. The crow must solve the problem/ riddle to survive, but the mindless red plastic “dunking” bird merely demonstrates a law of physical chemistry.




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