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Getting Sea Legs

Getting Sea Legs
"GETTING SEA LEGS" 34"x42" by Nina Benedetto © 2010


This common phrase refers to how humans transition to accommodate referential motion- where our inner awareness is in conflict with the physical cues of gravity and external vertical and horizontal points of reference- to overcome the experience of inadequacy, dysfunction,  nausea or seasickness.
In getting "sea legs", one must adjust and adapt to rhythms and movements which are outside our personal control, forces which are much larger and more powerful than ourselves. 
Once again, the images of metamorphosis are evident in the continuous cycle depicted, from dolphin to diver to mermaid, to swimmer, to mermaid, and back to dolphin again.   This cycle also evokes the pure pleasure of the experience of diving down, moving through, and leaping from the water with ease, and the joy or freedom which we might experience when we overcome seasickness to find our "sea legs."




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