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Give the Dog a Bone

Give the Dog a Bone-2
"GIVE THE DOG A BONE" by Nina Benedetto © 2010

My "bones" are irony- the fact that dogs can be more beloved and famous than most artists is not lost on me.  The television and movie collie Lassie is always our rescuer; Nipper, the RCA icon, is listening to his master's voice; while Benji, the quintessential family terrier, is leaping to catch - of all bones - a rib. Something to chew on?

Of course, many younger children today have never heard of Lassie or Benji and have no idea what a record player, stereo or phonograph is!

The rest of the canine images- except for one ordinary (though thoroughbred) domesticated dog- are feral wolves and coyotes; coyotes being god's dog in some Native American traditions. It is thought that the early domestication of dogs infantilized their wild natures as well as their physical attributes.

It is interesting to think about bones as "remains."  The cranium is pointedly missing from these human remains.  In some ancient cultures, the skull was always removed from burials and was thought to be destroyed in order to set the spirit free.  




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