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Ground Hog Day

Ground Hog Day
"GROUND HOG DAY" 24"x30" by Nina Benedetto © 2010

In Egyptian theology, Nut is the sky goddess who gives birth to the sun each morning at dawn. Anubis, the jackal-headed god, presides over embalming and guides the departed to the underworld. Here he weighs the heart of the deceased against the ostrich feather of Maat, the goddess of truth and counter-weight to claims of the heart. Maat also prevents the chaotic forces of non-existence from crashing through the sky and destroying the earth.

The heart was considered a record of all past deeds, accountable to 42 different behaviors in life. If the heart was in balance with the feather, then the departed was fit for the kingdom of Osiris.

The ground hog has come out of the dark tunnel (in the shape of Anubis), to see the light of day, and cast his shadow on snowy grounds. His body overlaps Anubis' head, leaving only his ears and nose showing.

In the bottom of this cross section are anatomical heart stencils, groundhog paw tracks and earthworms. One of the worms is being pulled ("resurrected") from the ground by a bird. The worm has several peculiar characteristics:  it is a creature with no sense other than that of "feeling"; it has both genders for reproduction, and often may regenerate itself if a significant part is cut off.




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