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28"x52" by Nina Benedetto © 20100

All over the world people held their breaths when they saw the syndicated photo image of a nine-month old infant tossed from a 4th story window of a burning apartment building.   Their anxiety was released because the caption of that photo revealed that she was caught safely in the arms of a passing policeman- it was one of those "life moments" when ecstatic joy followed miraculously out of an act of complete desperation.

Along with Giotto's angels (borrowed from his painting "The Lamentation of Christ") we are witnesses to events over which we have little or no control - yet life itself is held in the balance.  We see the images of the acrobat Philippe Petit walking the tightrope between the now-gone twin towers, the young men performing on the flying trapeze, and a tormented suicidal woman who jumped to her death. "Le Mat", the fool, wanders right out of a tarot card, wandering through life oblivious to his risk.

Giotto's angels show melodramatic concern on their disproportionately large faces as  they are suspended like hummingbirds around each person. But Raphael's cherubic angels are nonchalant and detached - their gazes showing innocent curiosity or wonder.

Much akin to the baby girl letting go in free fall, a stencilled figure with outstretched arms comes in and out of view- like our consciousness.  Around every figure the "notice" icon from the postal service is a stamped rhythm - the index finger directing our gaze.




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