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Opening Pandora’s Box

Opening Pandora’s Box
"OPENING PANDORA'S BOX" 54"x40" by Nina Benedetto © 2010


An X-ray of a female in the posture of the Venus of Willendorf is grinning. Her body is depicted as an open treasure chest from which emerges a pussy cat, a black bra, cowrie shells, the skull of a steer, and a red apple with a bite taken out.   A hydra is entering and emerging from the X-ray.

The Pandora story perpetuates the misogynistic idea of a woman being the source of evil. 
When she opened her “box”, she released “evils” into the world, symbolized by these “feminine” objects.   But only after those “evils” are released from repression could “hope” -which was at the bottom of the chest- also be released.

In classical mythology, Pandora was the first woman, created by Zeus as a balancing “curse” because of the theft of the sacred fire by the disobedient Prometheus for the benefit of mortals.




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