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That's The Way To Do It

Thats the way 2
18"x32" by Nina Benedetto © 2010

The top and bottom views are inexact mirror reflections across the centuries, to show how justice and power can be "topsy-turvy" in the world.

"Punch and Judy" puppet shows originated in Italy as an ironic political reaction against oppressive rule by an elite class. Laws were written and enforced by the rich to protect their interests.  The puppet Punch, an avid anarchist, refuses to submit to anyone's rules- not those of his wife and children, not the sheriff's, not the preacher's, nor the devil's - and he always tricks the hangman into hanging himself in his own noose.

In the traditional play's script, whenever Punch gets the upper hand, he gleefully exclaims, "That's the way to do it!" even as he tosses his infant son into the audience!




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