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The Dishes Magically Flew Themselves into the Dishwasher

The Dishes Magically Flew Themselves into the Dishwasher
20"x24" by Nina Benedetto © 2010


I can still hear my mom screaming at me: "Do you think the dishes will just magically fly themselves into the dishwasher and your dirty clothes into the laundry basket?...." 

Because food, clothing, and other necessities are provided for children without much involvement, let alone help from them, it is understandable that these chores do seem to happen magically all by themselves.

It can be very difficult to train loved ones to be helpful if we overcompensate for them.
If we give freely of ourselves (Tarot card: Ace of cups), we train others only to "take", and as a consequence we must struggle with the reality of being "taken for granted."
The "Justice" card is depicted "on its side" because we can become resentful and angry when we recognize the painful unintended consequences of being "too good" in the roles of provider and nurturer of those we care about.

The "Fool" of the Tarot is shown to remind us to notice what we may inadvertently and innocently cause.




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