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The Righting Reflex

The Right Reflex-2
18"x36" by Nina Benedetto © 2010

Cats have a "knowing" in their bodies that orients them to the vertical; they almost always land on their feet.

The background figures are stenciled on top of Tibetan Buddhist dragons. In that tradition, dragons symbolize positive male life force. The image is a trapeze performer with his arms outstretched - expecting to be caught by his partner.

The sticks and carrots - punishment or reward- are there to challenge us to investigate what motivates us to act or refrain from reacting.
How do we know up from down, good from bad?

"Le Pendu" (the Hanged Man) Tarot card is associated with initiation or hang-ups, but also reminds us to try to see our lives from a different perspective.  Despite our own expectations, sometimes things can be "upside down" or "sideways"… and the truth is not as simple as right or wrong.




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