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Three Impure Thoughts

Three Impure Thoughts-2
"THREE IMPURE THOUGHTS" 44"x32" by Nina Benedetto © 2010


The nuns who prepared my generation of second graders to learn and make the sacrament of confession instructed us to use ritual language: “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. [Example sin:] I have had three impure thoughts.”

This advice was given to us so that we could avoid the possibility that we might claim that we had broken one of the Ten Commandments, like coveting our neighbor’s wife (or his ass.) 

In this piece, I am evoking the sense of smell in the context of pheromones: the goat smell is male, and the fish smell is female. The tightrope doubles as a laundry line for the three pairs of underwear. An apple with a bite taken out is held up as a circus acrobat is shot out of a cannon.

Performance to expectations is symbolized by the seal balancing the ball, and a yellow fish is used to manipulate the other seal into standing erect.




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