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When Your Boat Sinks

When Your Boat Sinks
"WHEN YOUR BOAT SINKS" 44"x54" by Nina Benedetto © 2010


When a young friend came to me with her broken heart, she said "I feel as though my ship is sinking!"   I responded, "You had better learn to become a submarine!"

This painting is about our ability to transform our personal disasters and disappointments into a deepening of our being.

The perspective is from inside a submarine as one sees the periscope sighting of an air strike by WW II fighter/bombers.   Below the sinking ship, a submarine dives into the ocean depths.   Above the surface there are bombs, but below they are transformed into fish.   Seahorses, which have the peculiar ability of the male to carry the embryo and bring the newborn to gestation, bob freely among the scuba divers and swimmers equipped with snorkels.




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